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Her Universe Fashion Show 2019

Judges' Winner

Principal Photos by Grace DuVal

Latin inspired resort wear meets Jurassic Park in this ensemble! Inspired by the film's themes of subtle feminism, man vs. nature, as well as the multitude of bad-ass dinosaurs (who all happen to be female), I wanted to create a garment that reflected the beauty of those themes and brought a little romance to a property known for its otherwise rugged aesthetics. The look features a bias cut dress adorned with tropical foliage and a few clever girls, as well as a satin burn-out shawl, and a purse worthy of an island boutique souvenir shop. Jurassic inspired jewelry by Delight and Rage.

Destination: Isla Nublar: Headliner
Destination: Isla Nublar: Gallery
Destination: Isla Nublar: Text
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